Hi everbody, again! ”We are going anymore, eveything is finished” Of course, I couldn’t say these sentences because nothing is finished. I  am very tired but I have still studied on computer, I have to study on computer. However; I hate computers anymore, I hate facebook, I hate twitter, I hate all of things because I’m very, very tired. I want to scream ” Enough, enough, please enough!”

At the end of semester, but I feel that everything is against me. Everything is getting worse. Why is this course in this semester? I couldn’t understand this and I will never understand it.

Call course is very very useful , I couldn’t explain how it is important to us but This semester is so wrong time that it is not useful, I think. Our teacher is very well-informed adn very qualified but , I think, we could not benefit from him 😦

Call course is necessary to teaching and learning English. However; Its time should be changed.

I thank my teacher for his effort to teach us all of his information! I will in an endeavour when I start to teach language, I will not give up. Never!

Almost everywhere and almost everytime, you use facebook. What about twitter? We talked about facebook and twitter and I saw that most of my friends in this class don’t have twitter account. They don’t even know something about it. I use facebook and twitter. In facebook, I don’t share very special things belong to my life, I don’t use bad words or I don’t join to clups related to political views. However; I am more free in twitter about these subjects. I think that twitter is better.

Despite of everything which I think, I use Facebook groups for my classes in the future, of course if there is internet access in every home which my students have. I believe that it will be effective because students like it very much. However; I believe that we, as teachers, for my students should another account in facebook or twitter. Because I think that being teacher is not same as your personality. You have to change when you are a teacher.

What do you think about facebook or twitter?

Do you use facebook or twitter?


Posted on: May 7, 2013

Wiziq is a learning platform like other things which we learned at this course in last weeks. I liked wiziq! You don’t have to go to school and via wiziq you are also like a teacher 🙂 I think that in future my students will love it. Because students generally likes teaching another. Think a class, every one is a teacher and they learn from each other.

However, I am anxious about internet access like in everytime. Because I think , technology can be sophisticated but in Türkiye there are no families which can catch it easily due to lack of money.

    I am confused on these days. I don’t like the course in this week because I felt that we were running to somewhere. we talked about compus.dokeos and nicenet. I cannot say that I can understand them easily and exactly. There is one thing which attracts me, whis is that is limited, we can share just the links but we share videos or image and etc. on compus.dokeos. And so I think that Compus.dokeos is better than nicenet. However; I want to know how much reliable are they? I would like to use them for distance learners.
       When I become a teacher, if I use them, I can use them together with my students. I can add links but I can let them add some links. I send a quiz to them via these applications, I measure their level and I go on teaching by caring about their level.
      What we have learned so far is so important that I try to learn more about them by looking at them on the net even if I cannot learn from the course.

We learned about Prezi in this course.The presenter can fly from location to location. I admire this style. I think that Prezi presentation will be entartainment. I hope that I will abonden Powerpoint if I can learn about Prezi entirely. Prezi on learning could start with just one word, such as -Smoking- and then you can zoom in on each letter to find that it is composed of the elements that go into learning. The presenter zooms in and out during the presentation to illustrate the complex relationships that exist at different levels of the topic. It is very striking! What attracts my attention most in this course is Prezi. You should also try Prezi for yourself.

In my classroom, I can have my students participate to make them decide which aspect they want to know more about first. Prezi gives us the opportunity to be flexible in our presentations so I think that you should use it consequently. Students love to play a role in the course’s progression. Use it to your advantage.

I hope to learn everything about Prezi.

Mobile learning supplies modern ways to support learning process through mobile devices, such as tablet computers, MP3 players, smartphones and mobile phones. It is very useful in many ways such as personal, portable, collaborative, interactive. However; I don’t think that mobile learning will effective in the future in Türkiye. Because people are divided into classes, the poor and the rich. Even in west, there are so many poor people that they cannot take advantages of mobile learning.

At the course, we mentioned about what a teacher should do. One of them is that teachers should follow the news on TV or on net or on newspapers. If teachers are out of date, a gap occurs between the students and them. I agree with that.

By the way, I admire Press Reader. You should find many newspapers and choise which of them you want to read. Application will download newspapers you choise for you. It’s free. What a wonderful application!

I have shocked that I know few things. Moreover; I it can be said that I knew nothing about mobile learning or applications on mobile. All of them are astonishing but as I said that it wouldn’t effective in Türkiye, unfortunately.

Gazi ELT 404 is a group which is belong to the students of fourth class, Gazi üniversity. And I am a member of this group. We talk about our duties related to our coursesat Gazi üniversity or extra- curricular activities. The group has 21 members. All the members are my classmates. We don’t accept requests from our teachers 🙂 we sometimes gossip aout them 🙂 🙂 we share our documents related to our course.

I am in AİBÜ. However; I am still in touch with my friends at Gazi üniversity thanks to this group.

Internet, communication, best there is.

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  • busibusi14: I use both of them, but I think Facebook is better. While Facebook allows us to chat, post photos and notes, and play games, Twitter is built around t
  • safiyeyazicioglu: Yes, you are right. I use Twitter newly. Twitter is more intellectual and courteous, I think. Facebook is also nice but it is a bit outdated. :)
  • gulcinekiz: There is no CALL course at GAZİ. Elective courses at there are syntax, semantix or pragmatics and like that.